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Summer in the Tawes Garden

In Summer the Garden stages a Review of Flowers, with a wide variety of plants taking the spotlight in turn throughout the season to star against backdrops both sunny and shaded. The most dramatic entrances are made by sun-lovers such as the vivid orange Butterflyweed and crimson Beebalm and the extravagantly costumed spires of Yucca. But there are many others that have star turns as well, taking on character roles like the lemon-yellow flowers of Pricklypear Cactus on the sand dunes of the Eastern Shore venue and a pot of shade-loving Coleus and Sweet Potato Vine seemingly bent on stealing the scene from a nearby bench. An intermission--and relief from the heat--is provided by the shaded picnic tables on the Patio. They make good box seats, decorated with Marigolds and other annuals, from which to see and hear the cool splashing of the central fountain. But even amidst the summer color and excitement, the Garden's overall effect is one of green and peaceful tranquility, where a blue heron can always find a quiet spot to wade undisturbed.

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