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Eastern Shore Rehab

Nov. 1, 2018

Approximately 30 years ago an intricate boardwalk system was constructed in the Eastern shore area of the Tawes Garden with a dual purpose of providing a safe durable walking surface for garden visitors to be able to experience the coastal environment and secondly to demonstrate how to prevent erosion of the sand dunes by using a boardwalk system to keep pedestrians off the sand. Fast forward to present day and the pressure treated boardwalk had weathered nicely and frankly was looking very beachy, however in places the wood was not structurally sound and the decision was made to replace the entire structure.

During this past winter a construction plan was formulated to be completed in two phases. Funding for the project came from two sources, a generous donation from Ward and Karen Wensch and the Maryland based Conservation Job Corps. Program [CJC], a summer program that employs urban youth between the ages of fifteen and seventeen working on environmental projects in park settings. Mr. Wensch the garden’s volunteer carpenter agreed to be the general contractor for the project, calculating the board feet in lumber, tools and supplies. During the summer months he supervised the CJC youth in the proper use of carpenter tools and basic wood framing. In the fall he worked with volunteers on a specific workday as part of the Governors “Volunteer to Serve” initiative. By the fall phase I was completed with phase II proposed for competition next summer.

Garden visitors are now enjoying phase I of the professionally constructed project which encompasses approx. 900 square feet, approx. 110 ten feet in length by 6 feet wide. The garden staff wishes to thank Mr. Wensch for his skills in planning, organization and patience in making this project a reality. Without his dedicated expertise this project would not have been possible.

Ranger Jay Myers, Garden Manager

Boardwalk Renovation
Eastern Shore 1987.jpeg
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