Volunteers in Action

The Garden's Western Maryland Path

Gets a New Curb


May 2021  -  The rotted-out landscape timbers edging the gravel path in the W. Md. section of the Tawes Garden were replaced with new timbers acquired through a grant from the Friends of Maryland State Parks (FOMSP).  The work was carried out by a 3-man crew from the Maryland Veterans Conservation Corps (VCC), who spent several days removing the old timbers and cutting and installing new ones.  The now more visible curb defines the path and helps keep visitors safely centered on it.
This is the first time the Garden has worked with the VCC, and we hope to do so again in the future. 

Rick, Josh, and Calvin: A great bunch of guys and a great job!

VCC working on trail curbing 2021 jpg.jp

April 2021 - Volunteers demonstrate the Downward Gardener Pose, an asana well known to all gardeners if not to standard yoga practice!


They're Back! 

Volunteers to the Rescue!


Covid-19 restrictions left the Tawes Garden without the help of its dedicated volunteers for several months this spring and summer, to its detriment.  A 5-acre Garden/Arboretum needs a lot of care.  So we're delighted to report that our volunteers are now back on the job, working in small groups outside while observing virus-prevention protocols.   Seasonal work being carried out at the Plant Mural includes weeding, planting new shrubs and perennials, and mulching.  Elsewhere in the Garden carpentry repairs are being undertaken and storm-downed trees cut up.  It's a sight for pandemic-weary eyes: Welcome back,Volunteers!