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AuThe Autumn Equinox brought gusty winds and rain to the Tawes Garden as tropical storm Ophelia pushed its way up the Chesapeake Bay. The winds were not too severe, however, and the much needed rain a welcome gift. Now the year begins winding down, but there’s still no lack of color and interest in the Garden. Late-blooming flowers will be around for weeks yet on the patio and along the paths, while trees and shrubs build to a peak of color, from the flame of Burning Bush to the deep crimson and purple of Oakleaf Hydrangea and the warm russet of Bald Cypress needles. And even as leaves begin to fall it will still be warm enough for Mallards to enjoy the pond, and maybe peck curiously at the seeds of Marshmallow, dropping from their intricate pods into the water. The Garden isn’t shutting down, but simply getting ready for a scene change.

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