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Positive Action in Negative Times

November 16, 2020

  The pandemic of 2020 isn't over, sadly, but after a long spring and summer of enforced neglect the Tawes Garden & Arboretum has at last been able to move ahead with some positive initiatives.  Among them:

  On November 16, the MD Conservation Corps (MCC) scheduled a work day at the Garden to perform various general maintenance tasks.  The MCC, an Americorps program managed by the MD Park Service, is a work/training program employing young adults on natural resource management and park conservation projects throughout the State.   Under the direction of Tawes Horticulturist Suzanne Weber they weeded, raked, mulched, and removed leaves and debris to improve the appearance of the more cultivated garden areas. 

  On the same day the Maryland Tree & Landscape Services company of Davidsonville very generously volunteered both heavy equipment and workmen to cut and remove a number of large trees in the Arboretum lost to storms or disease over the past several years. 

  And last but not least, the Tawes Volunteers are back in action (See the article on our new webpage, "Volunteering at Tawes"), working on a weekly basis throughout the Garden/Arboretum.

  The Friends of Tawes organization is deeply indebted to and appreciative of the efforts of all these groups and individuals. With their help and that of our Supporters we'll do our best to keep moving forward.

Tawes Volunteers
Americorps volunteers
Tree Removal
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