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AutuAutumn is slow and gentle in the Tawes Garden. Nestled down among the surrounding buildings and close to water, well sheltered from strong winds and killing frosts, the season lingers late here before giving way to Winter. Some plants continue to bloom well into November, as witnessed by a late rose still as fresh and unscathed as in May. Nonetheless, Fall clean-up begins at the plant mural display garden; better to start while the weather is still mild.

Many trees hold defiantly to their leaves, whose colors go from flame to ember before finally, reluctantly, dropping to the ground. But evergreen Christmas Ferns still lift their bright green spears above the leafy carpet. The sky above the trees is a clearer, deeper blue than in Summer's heat and humidity, and shadows are sharply drawn. It's a lovely time to stroll the Garden paths, keeping time with the year's slowing pace.

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