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 Spring is...Spring. The weather of this most changeable season can be less than ideal--think showers, blustery winds, frost/freeze warnings--but the new growth rising out of the cold ground seems largely oblivious and forges ahead against all odds. So we might as well emulate it and get out and about to admire it as much as possible. There's lots to see in the Garden: Cherry trees reflected in dark water, VA Bluebells spangling the woods, the unexpected gold of new Autumn Fern fronds, Yellowwood's frothy white lace, a Fritillary lighting on a Stoke's Aster or, deep in the woods, the tiny, immaculate blooms of a Spotted Wintergreen. You might even be lucky enough to hit one of those halcyon days of warm sun, blue skies, and soft breezes, when you and a Green Tree Frog might find the perfect spot to just sit and watch Spring unfold.

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