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There's a bit of a break in the Garden between the disappearance of the spring woodland wildflowers and the arrival of the summer annuals and perennials, but by July the latter are entering their prime. They run to big, bold, and brightly colored: Marsh Mallows by the pond, massed annuals in the display garden, and the brassy abundance of Black-eyed-Susans almost everywhere. But there are quieter draws for the eye as well: a plain bench backed by towering Joe Pye Weed, or late afternoon sun shining through the peeling translucent bark of a River Birch. And this show goes on much longer than Spring's first act. Defying the July/August heat, it will continue straight through September, flowers and grasses beginning to flop a little, but blooming on unabated. By late September the flower barrels in the pavilion will still be lush and brimming over under the seasonless gaze of a bronze swan.

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