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Western Maryland Path Renovation Completed

 December 16, 2021

   On a mild December morning a crew from the Maryland Conservation Corps (MCC) spread 16 tons of stone dust to complete the renovation of the hillside path in the Tawes Garden's Western Maryland section. The rotted-out timber edging was replaced back in May through a grant from the Friends of Maryland State Parks, and the resurfacing stone was purchased by the Friends of the Tawes Garden. The MCC crew, ably assisted by Rangers Jay Myers and Suzanne Weber, completed the job in just a few hours. The path is now in good shape and ready for walking--or just for sitting on a bench watching birds and contemplating nature.

    We're happy to end a difficult year with the completion of this small infrastructure project. There are many more such projects waiting, especially since budget and staff cuts over the last several years, plus the difficulties of operating during the prolonged Covid pandemic, have led to the Garden's neglect. The Friends of Tawes Garden are looking forward with hope to an improved outlook in 2022.

  If you appreciate the Garden, a State Park right in the city, please consider a tax-free contribution to the Friends of Tawes Garden, Inc.

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